10 Beginner MSP430 Tutorials and Counting.

[B]eretta, the blogger from mspsci.blogspot.com has an amazing series for getting started on the MSP430. He starts right from the basics of his hardware setup to software, your first program, timers and then moves to other modules of the MSP. Each blog post comes bundled with source code and the occasional schematic.

To make things easier for 43oh readers, below is a list of his tutorial series. Thanks [B]eretta, keep them coming!

Writing your direst program – Blink an LED
Configuring Inputs and Outputs


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  1. Thanks for linking all these here. His posts are very basic and easy to understand. Love the blog, keep posting projects!

  2. Nice find. I just got my Launchpad and these will be a good starting point for my getting acquainted with the board.

  3. Very helpful page for beginners… Thank you very much.

  4. Thanks alot., it would be more better if you add some more projects here…! :-)

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  6. Thanx a lot. The tutorials are extremely useful for beginners.
    Is it possible to use an msp430g2553 to do DSP such as FFT. In case it is possible.what sort of headers would be compatible while using CCS as an IDE.

  7. This article is very useful.
    I tried to do everything practically.But i could not light the green LED.Could anyone post a complete code for lighting green LED on the Kit.
    Thank you!!

  8. thank u so much. it was great help in understanding the coding part of msp430

  9. Wonderful tutorial for beginners.
    Thank you



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