TI Launchpad Displays Images to a TV

[N]atureTM has finally done it. He’s been working at getting his MSP430 Launchpad to output video signals to a TV. Once he got the vertical(software) and horizontal( using Timer A) sync timings right, all he had to do was dump pixels using the MSP430’s Universal Serial Interface (USI) to shift out video data.  His blog post has a detailed writeup on how he accomplished this. Resolution is currently at 192×40.

The microcontroller must do three things with correct timing in order to output composite video:

  • Output vSync signals at the beginning of every frame.
  • After vSync, output hSync signals at the beginning of every scanline
  • Output video data after hSync on every visible scanline.

There is nothing to the schematic, except two resistors and an RCA cable.

Meanwhile some candy on a 50″ monster:

He used Image2Code, to convert images to .h files. Batsocks has a good reference on composite video. Code can be found on his blog or below. His 43oh thread can be found here.

Backup: Code


  1. Awesome. Great idea for a prank. Also, you made HaD.

  2. congrats on HaD feature!

  3. This is great!
    Thanks very much for sharing. I’ve always been wondering how video signal can be generated :)




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