TI Releases Capacitive Touch Booster Pack for the Launchpad

Good news! TI just let us know that the Capacitive Touch plugin for the Launchpad has been released and is now available for order.

The BoosterPack (430BOOST-SENSE1) is available for only $4.30 for the first 430 hours after launch (today). After this promotional period is over, it will be available for $10.

The Capacitive Touch BoosterPack is a complete reference design that plugs onto the LaunchPad, and features a capacitive touch button, scroll wheel, and proximity sensor. It also features 9 on-board LEDs and comes with a pre-programmed MSP430G2452 device, which features the new Capacitive Touch I/O ports. This unique I/O port enables developers to directly interface capacitive touch pads to the MSP430 without the need for external passive components. It also integrates the oscillation circuitry required for this capacitive touch implementation!
It also comes with an Open Source GUI to view what’s happening on the Launchpad in realtime. In addition to the GUI, a MediaPad application allows you to control Windows Media Player allowing you to skip, play, pause and change volume.

Order at TI.
Booster Pack Tool Folder.

Thanks Adrian!


  1. I’m surprised they opted to go with a female shield interface. I know I certainly didn’t populate my Launchpads with male headers…

    • Don’t the Launchpads come with male headers in the box? I’m unsure.

      • They come with both. I also used the female headers on mine because I have a lot of pin type jumper wires from my Arduino. Looks like I will have to pull a bunch of pins out of headers to connect the two.

        • According to the user manual, they argue that you can insert raw male header between the two sets of female headers, so I guess it makes sense from a it-can-be-made-to-work-for-everyone standpoint. Of course, the alternative is that they standardize on one type of header, where we’ve seen people populate it any way they like (90 degree male header, male header underneath, female header), so I guess what they’re doing makes a lot of sense, actually.

          • I just got mine last night. I ended up using the left over male headers I still had and put one in long side down and the other short side down. It ended up working fine.

    • I used the male headers on my launchpad, I worked in Electronics for over 25 years. I was normal for me to put the male headers in the board and the female for the add on boards.

      While putting the female headers launchpad makes it easier to put wires in to connect to a bread board. It goes against the standard practice.

  2. anyo one else ?


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  3. :) That reminds me I need to put that up on the blog. Did you get it to work?

  4. Will we have to upgrade the launchpad firmware to 2.0 in order to use the provided chip?

  5. Also looks like they just did a re-edit of the Launchpad website. Now they have an official TI launchpad blog among other things.

  6. OMG!! I ordered 3 today! I also populated my launchpad with male headers, so I guess it will just plug in.



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