Take a pic of your Launchpad or MSP430 kit and win a Cap. Touch Booster Pack

Lets have a little fun this time around. Too many contests to take part in that your brain hurts? Is your Launchpad lying in a corner of your room or in a box long forgotten? Get it out and do something with it, even if it means taking a picture. Take a pic. of your Launchpad or MSP430 kit/homebrew MSP430 PCB  in any scene – be it your messy workdesk, lab or home by the river. The most impressive one will get a Cap Touch Booster pack. That’s right – no wiring or coding.

You can submit your pic in one easy step. See the comments sections below? Click Choose File, select your file(<1Mb) and you should be good. Be sure to add a description. The Winner will be judged on 9th Nov, 2011 – a week from today.

The TI Launchpad gets a photo opportunity at Mount RushmoreTI University Program visited FIE (Frontiers in Education) Conference in Oct 2011. The location this year was near Mount Rushmore in South Dakota. They showed the latest teaching tools for EE, CS, ME, CpE educators in MCU, DSP and Analog

More of the album here.


  1. We’ll start with a pic of your prize:


  2. [img]http://www.43oh.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/20.jpg[/img]

    just playing around with a photo app on my phone…

    phone: LG Optimus V
    app: Fotolr Photo Studio
    subject: MSP-EXP430FR5739

  3. King of the hill, baby!

    • Nice! TF2 fan? Launchpad needs some muscles. Has alot of brain power though :)

    • Hilarious! I can see the ST Cortex M4 kit and the Arduino. What is the Launchpad standing on?

      • That’s the Evil Mad Scientist Target board for ATmegaXX8. Got a zif socket and some extras on there.

  4. also taken from a LG phone (optimus one)
    ti launchpad w/ breadboard shield carrying rfm12b + 2×8 lcd.
    2 x 430f2012 based temperature sensing rf nodes.

    • Seeing you after a long time. Is this a project? I don’t see it on your site.

    • been busy and then lazy for the past year. the setup was a demo testing / showing “MSPNode” i helped created. it is compatible w/ jeenode (arduino based) in that they can talk to each other. a low cost rf module (rf12m) is used and the fact that it now runs on msp430 value line, one can build a sensor network at reduced cost.

      code is in github for those interested. i am not spending too much time on this, just got this photo handy so i posted it.

  5. MSP-EXP430FR5739 board with MSP430FR5739 mcu and custom boosterpack with PCD8544 LCD.


    • Are you selling that LCD booster pack for the Fraunchpad? Also will it fit the Launchpad?

      • No, I’m not selling it. It’s pure DIY, and it’s compatible with Launchpad.

  6. Here is my launchpad kit, sitting pretty much idle sine I got them.

  7. My OLED Booster pack came in and it looks awesome:

  8. Mine’s high on coffee :) :

  9. My humble submission, got cap boosters but figured i’d send in a picture anyways. taken with camera phone and threw a quick filter on it in PS


  10. Hi!

    This is my Launchpad board controlling a Nokia 5110 display showing the picture of my granddoughter. The Nokia 5110 breakout board is available at Sparkfun or E-bay (in several variants). Software can be found by Google using the search phrase: “Nokia 5110 Blue Graphic LCD + code (MSP430 LPC2148 51) | eBay”


  11. All of the parts for my bluetooth wall-following RC Car finally came in!

  12. Hi!

    I’m experimenting with 4×4 LED matrix driving, and software i2c communication with an eeprom, using only 5 portbits, and less than 1,2KB code.

  13. Thanks 43oh!!

    I’ll submit it! :)

  14. Ok, it works now, thanks! :)

  15. Roomba direct connection
    Hardware patched, need more resistance though. Software needs work, yet works with the small demo I wrote. Code soon to follow
    Board: MSP-EXP430FR5739
    Won it from Element14
    Woot Woot

    • Not won, road test, sorry for the confusion

    • Nice! Do you have a writeup you could point us to? We can put it up on the Blog.

      • Far to buggy to post yet, but I will once it’s stable. With the current pinout, some commands blow out the Roombas serial port. Need hardware help, if anyone has any experience or know-how, I’d appreciate it. I’m a software guy

        • Ask it in the Forums in the Project/General section. This must be based on Irobot’s Open Interface.

          • So, I have to post the schematic or it doesn’t count as an entry? I’ll try, but I’m pretty lousy at writing diagrams

          • I’m working on this and a drum light that activates when the chip detects that the drum is hit, can I enter twice?
            I have a sick picture of it lighting up right as the drum vibrates the whole rig

        • Irobot has an Open Interface protocol to talk to Irobot Creates.

          • Nope, its just sending commands straight to the Roomba serial port

            I modified the project posted by RobG here:

            It was completely incompatible with the FRAM boards, so I just rewrote from scratch. Same concept though

  16. Hi! While my girfriend is taking a shower, I made this Wine-o-meter (temperature measurement) with custom LCD booster pack and some spare IDE cables. Hope you enjoy! Sorry for pic. quality, it’s dark in here and i only have a phone..

    • A wine-o-meter for my girlfriend? Could use a whine-o-meter for my girlfriend though…

  17. With electronics becoming smaller and smaller, I’ll need some help in a few years when my eyesight will not be that good :-)
    (I know, it’s an “easy” photo. In my defense, it was spontaneous, and the photo was taken before I had seen icserny’s photo above)


  18. My two kitties with my new Launch Pad :)

  19. oops, forgot the pic:

  20. Pic:


  21. Here is a picture of my MCU boards :-)

  22. [img]http://www.43oh.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/launchpad.jpg[/img]
    Meet the launchpad. Now use it!

  23. Here’s my Launchpad wired up to the guts of an optical mouse. The MSP430 talks to the sensor (ADNS-5020) over SPI. The two chips on the breadboard (SN74AHCT244 and SN74LVC244) are for 3-5V level conversion. I used the Launchpad’s TP1 to get 5V to the breadboard/mouse.


    • Nice project. Are you able to talk to the mouse?

      Like we told Dobfek above, make sure you submit it to the Project of the Month Contest:
      There is a X-Tronic 2 in 1 Digital Hot Air Rework Soldering Iron Station and others prizes to win.

  24. [img]http://www.43oh.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/IMG_0485198.jpg[/img]

  25. Dang, cats and kids? Tough competition!

    Internet loves cats.

  26. This is another pic of my Launchpad.

    My Launchpad is on a suicide mission, because its not been made into anything good. Poor guy :( !!


  27. Here’s my Launchy. Next to my TI ez430 Chronos. Both sitting on my trusty old Dell Inspiron 4100 Pentium III laptop.

  28. Darn, it refuses to upload. So here’s a Dropbox link instead: http://db.tt/CLBcpUKW

  29. Things to spice life a bit!

  30. Smiley LaunchPad :-)

    Now Eagerly waiting for the mate the Cap Touch Booster pack 😛


  31. My Launchpad sitting with Antenna..

    DMM peeping for a still..!


  32. DIY capacitor booster-pack home made clone of capacitor booster pack
    made from copper clad board to try my luck!!!!!! and it really works!!!!
    I copied the design from the gerber and hand drawn to a copper clad board to make mine………….
    the board is placed on the top of 9 white LED which is soldered to a piece of strip board

  33. I’m working on turning my Launchpad into a BBQ thermometer so I can spend more time drinking beer and less on actual cooking maintenance.


  34. Did not have a white background, so i thought i’d pull out some other old parts 😉

    The custom board is my car drive board with steering, shiftregister, serial and ADC connections (only shiftregister hooked up in the picture)

  35. Here you see the launchpad with my simple LED shield I used to light our sons “Pirate Boat Lantern”. It was also my first MSP430 based project. You can have a look at the boot here: http://gpio.kaltpost.de/?p=361

  36. here is a picture of my workbench.


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