Launchpad Ethernet BoosterPack Update

Robg posted a few pictures of his Ethernet BoosterPack. the pcbs just came over from Seeed Studio. He’s using the Wiznet W5200 chip which is a harware TCP/IP embedded Ethernet controller that enables easier internet connection for embedded systems using SPI. It’s all assembled and seems to be working well. Jump in to see the pictures.

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  1. Could you please elaborate on interfacing wiznet W5100 IC with the ethernet booster pack with the launchpad.I am building an application which simply utilises accesing LED’s control over a webpage.How is TLK100 diffrent and how can it be used?

  2. Will this product be in-stock again sometime soon?

    • It will be some time. Try asking in the forums if anyone has a spare.

  3. “It will be some time” ???

    I first saw this Ethernet Booster Pack in June, and we’re still waiting…
    I just turned 66 years old and I’m seriously worried I’ll never get a chance to play with what looks like a seriously kool device… Please give us some hope! :-)

    • Hi Dick,
      The thing is the kit was made by one of our members and it’s not easy to make a full batch. We are working with an assembly house to make this happen. If you would like to get a bare PCB only, then I can do a limited batch. Let me know if you are interested.

      • Hi,

        I’d be interested in getting the bare PCB and buying the parts + assembling myself (I think this was one of the suggestions on the forum).
        When could this be available? If making enough is an issue, I would be willing to get 3 bare PCBs.


        • I’ll place an order for the Store tomorrow.

          • Ohhh, I’m sorry – Now I get it.
            Alvaro’s got the right idea.
            May I request two naked boards?

  4. I see mention of the code but not where to actually download it or look at it. Help please. Thanks

  5. Hi,
    really great job!!
    Would it be possible to get the code for the ethernet booster?


  6. I want it. Your website says it’s out of stock.. :(

    • Sorry!, these go very quickly. We’ll have more in a few weeks. Make sure you enter your email address in the Out of Stock box.


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