MSP430 Inside 2 : The Axbo Alarm Clock

MSP430 Inside in an ongoing 43oh series where we showcase products using the MSP430 whether as the main or peripheral controller. You can view the series by clicking the MSP430 Inside tag.

GG430 tipped us about MSP430s being used in the Axbo alarm clock. The Axbo is a sleep phase clock that wakes you up gently when you are most “awake” in your sleep. There are two parts to it – the base alarm clock and a band that transmits your movements to  the base. A maximum of two bands can be used to connect to one base. Openbeacon has a sweet teardown of the device.


The base of the Axbo clock(above) features the MSP430F436 – 24Kb Flash and 1 Kb SRAM. It also features an LCD driver capable of running upto 160 segments.



The band consists of a MSP430F1101A with 1Kb flash and 128 bytes SRAM. It senses motion via two tip sensors(X and Y axis) and transmits them via a Nordic NRF2402 radio.

If you know more about the device, let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Is there a stray paragraph from another article or how does it suddenly jump into some band with a motion sensor?

  2. There are two parts to the device. Base and an arm band. The second paragraph describes it.


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