USB Spy-Bi-Wire MSP430F550x Based Programmer

Jazz is one of the USB experts on our forum, tirelessly working on an MSP430F550x based SBW programmer. He started work on it in December 2012 and has come quite a long way with occasional updates. He's pretty close to finishing up and releasing his code. 

I have list of functions that must be supported by flasher. There are two points left, fuse blow and customized BSL firmware update for flasher itself. Everything else is done, and I will not make any significant updates. At the end I will publish interface (flasher / PC - commands / data exchange) here together with source of PC side, and it will be very easy to integrate it in Energia, or make customized flasher on any OS.



On the left side are MSP430x5xx target boards. Two on the left top are MSP430F5435. On the right side are MSP430x2xx target boards. Two on right bottom are MSP430G2553 (with DIP sockets). In the middle are 2 MSP430F5510 boards with all pins available. Upper one is armed with SBW+ connectors to 8 target devices and it is used as main board for project development. Another one is flashed by BSL with last stable firmware version and it is used as SBW+ flasher to main board. All target boards have 5-pin SBW+ connection. At the bottom are 5-wire flat cables used for connection between programmer and target devices.

If you have any ideas for him, let him know in the comments below or in his build thread. Thanks Jazz!

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  1. Wow! nice. Will the code be open source?

    • At the beginning, idea was to made MSP430F5529 LP like USB flasher, with open source PC / uC side, DIY friendly. At that time MSP430F5529 LP was not exiting. Later things gone in other direction (MSP-Gang), and it is not possible anymore to publish uC side as open source. Of course, PC side / interface will be open source.

      I made enough JTAG / USB related posts on forum, and still ready to help anyone who have any JTAG / USB doubts, not only related to my USB stack or flasher.


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