Sharp Memory LCDs And The MSP430

Sharp Memory LCDs are relatively new to embedded community. However, it is making waves in the low power world because of the amount of power they consume – as low as 50uW depending on the size. Display sizes vary from 0.99 inches to 4.4 inches.

With the new Sharp Memory LCD, embedded 1-bit memory in every pixel enables each pixel to hold state while requiring very little current. This delivers an “always on” display that uses little power (only a single supply voltage is required), even when updating images. This helps designers create products with exceptionally long battery life.

There is alot going on with Sharp Memory LCDs in the MSP430 community. Last month, TI released the FRAM Wolverine Launchpad with a 1.35″ Sharp LCD BoosterPack accompanying it, for $29.99, which is a steal.

Chicken, from the 43oh forum, created a BoosterPack for these Sharp LCDs. The BoosterPack is be able to interface to all the memory LCD variants, since they use the same pinout via a FPC connector.

sharp memory lcd msp430 boosterpack

Greeeg created a simple clock project using code from the TI FRAM Wolverine code base.

sharp memory lcd msp430 boosterpack_3

To top it up, Pabigot, the mspgcc maintainer, has added Sharp Memory LCD support to BSP430. It also includes a bridge to U8GLib which produces text and graphics for LCDs.

If you have more questions or queries, make a comment below or head on to this discussion forum. Are you working on a project involving these Sharp LCDs?

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  1. I have the Wolverine Launchpad and agree at $29.00 it is a great bargain with the sharp boosterpack. So far, I have just played with the examples that come with it and getting ready for adventures in low power.

  2. These LCDs are gaining traction slowly. Their upfront cost is a little high, but are a joy to work with.
    I don’t have a Wolverine yet, but hoping to grab one of Chicken’s boards.

  3. Hi! I’m interested in a breakout board. Will this be available in the 43oh store?

    • Yes, soon! We are working it out with Chicken.

  4. I ordered the Wolverine BoosterPack with the sharp LCD for use as a desk calendar.

    • Awesome! Comment here when you have something or share it in the forums.


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