120 LED Ring LED Clock Adds Cool Peripheral Touch Control

We broke the rules and added an animated gif to illustrate this cool feature on Greeeg’s 120 LED ring clock. In January of this year, we wrote about his clock –  Chevron One Locked – LED Ring Clock Designed To Open Portals, which had five slave PCBs, attached together , but lacked a controller board.

The board shown above occupies the blank space behind the current slave PCB and acts as a capacitive input for the clock, making a total of 4 slave PCBs and one controller board. Below is a low cost BOM list for the controller board:

  • Accelerometer (MMA 8453) $1.31
  • Level converter $0.26
  • Resistor/caps 14x $0.003
  • Regulator $0.60
  • 32.768kHz crystal $0.726
  • MSP430g2553 $2.73

Total: $5.40


To follow his build, hop on to his thread here. Greeeg is also giving away free controller PCBs to members of the LED Clock group buy.

Below are a few more pictures for you to stare at:




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  1. Nice design. Is it possible to replace on of the slaves with this controller module?

    • One of the slaves? Yes.. that is what it does. :)


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