A Camera BoosterPack In The Making


News about a camera boosterPack has been making the rounds recently. It first popped on the TI e2e forums on June 16, 2014 and then, 43oh member, chicken mentioned it in the CC3200 LaunchpadXL thread.

The camera is based abound the MT9D111 1/3.2-Inch System-On-A-Chip (SOC) CMOS Digital Image Sensor, which has an image capture resolution close to 2 Megapixels. A host controller controls the MT9D111 over a 2 wire serial interface and dumps data over an 8-bit parallel interface.

A TI employee hinted towards an early/mid 3rd quarter release. The MT9D111 camera boosterPack seems to be paired with the CC3200 Launchpad, which makes sense since the Launchpad provides onboard Wi-Fi. A TI wiki page for the camera has also been setup.

How would you be using the camera boosterPack? What applications do you see opening up?

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  1. I’d use it to capture birds feeding on my back porch. Attach a PIR sensor to the Launchpad and trigger the camera to take a picture.
    Thanks for the news in advance. Now to twiddle my thumbs. Love this blog.

    • Thanks! Glad you like the blog.

    • Have you had any success putting together a bird-watch cam? I’m working on a similar project and would love to hear any suggestions you might have


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