MSP430 Inside 4 : Microsoft’s Surface Pro 1 And 2

All macro screen captures are courtesy iFixIt. Look up the entire tear down of the Surface Pro 1 and Surface Pro 2 on their site. This post is a part of the series MSP430 Inside, which showcases products using the MSP430 micro-controller.

Thanks to chicken for this tip. He must have really looked through the high resolution image as iFixIt had not marked either of the MSP430 chips. A very good find! He speculates that the MSP430G2402( 16Mhz, 8kB Flash) act as touch controllers. Do you? On the last image, he notice one near the SSD area.

If you have tips about products using the MSP430 controller, feel free to use the contact form  or in this 43oh forum thread.


  1. Nice find! I wouldn’t even look at the unmarked chips! Could even be something to deal with low power on the surface tablets to increase battery life.

  2. I don’t think it’s the touch control itself, but either orchestrating the actual touch controllers (the Atmel ICs) or waking the system up when someone touches the screen (or windows “button”).


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