TI Releases New SimpleLink Wifi CC3200 Launchpad


TI has introduced a new development kit to the Launchpad ecosystem – The CC3200 WiFi Launchpad. This is a big deal for any of you networking/IOT enthusiasts out there. In case you are wondering why 43oh is covering non MSP430 chipset boards – the new board is a part on the Launchpad ecosystem and it is good to keep abreast of newly released products.

The new Launchpad is powered by a CC3200 SimpleLink chip, which incorporates an application processor(ARM Cortex M4), Wi-Fi network processor and a power management system. This makes it a perfect candidate for an Internet Of Things application. The Launchpad is based around the XL format which brings out 40 pins to enable connectivity to BoosterPacks. The headers are double stacked to enable top-bottom BP capability.

The CC3200 Launchpad is in stock at the TI-Estore for $29.99

Launchpad Quick Links:

CC3200 Launchpad Features:

  • CC3200 Wi-Fi application processor
  • USB interface to PC for CCS/IAR using FTDI USB drivers
  • Flash update over the USB using SimpleLink Programmer
  • 2 20-pin connectors enables compatibility with other TI LaunchPads with added functions
  • Standalone development platform featuring sensors, LEDs and push-buttons
  • Power from USB for the LaunchPad as well as external BoosterPack
  • Operates from 2 AA alkaline batteries
  • On-board antenna and U.FL connector selectable using a capacitor re-work
  • Supports 4 wire JTAG and 2 Wire SWD
  • GNU Debugger (GDB) support over Open On chip debugger (OpenOCD)
  • BoosterPack headers

Would you be buying this new Launchpad. If yes, what would you use it for?


  1. This would really reduce the number of boosterpacks needed to get an application IOT ready. Instead of using a FR5969 Launchpad and the CC3200 Boosterpack, this one fuses them both.

    • I am using cc3200 i want to download my new application code in cc3200 launch pad flash.

  2. Certainly a game changer. I like how the radio is built into the launchpad. No fiddling around with antenna design. Connect it to your home network and start publishing data.

  3. Was just looking at the camera boosterPack for this launchpad. I agree with Will Porter, this reduces the number of booster layers.



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