EEVBlog Reviews The Connected Launchpad

Dave Jones from the EEVBlog unboxes and reviews the Tiva Connected Launchpad. Enjoy!


  1. Not good enough to go through as comedy
    Although clearly done in the characteristic “Dave Jones style”, Dave misses the point. I do agree with him about the good value for the money of the Tiva C launchpad, also about the confusing pinout diagram in the “Get Started” guide. But why is he otherwise just going off tangents? The need for an awkward registration process at Exosite should be obvious to just about anyone who has ever used the Internet (I did not even go to the Exosite website). And Dave spends 20 min or so whining about the Exosite stuff… Maybe some of his followers find that funny — I was disgusted that he strayed so much from the actual topic, i.e. the Tiva C launchpad itself. IMHO he is not good enough a comedian for this to count as comedy either.

    • To be honest, I think he ran out of things to find fault with it. I think it is an amazing piece of kit. Whining about the ADC was not required.. even mentioning ENOBS. Come on. I would interface an external ADC like the ADS1259 in such a case.

      The Exosite complaints were just too much. It is a platform. I’m sure once a user gets hang of the kit, they will be using something other than exosite or roll their own.

      • Well said.

  2. The other tangent I forgot to mention above is Dave’s picking on the ADC — despite him certainly being aware of the typical data of ADCs that are part of the silicone in a microcontroller. There is no reason to expect such converters to have data characteristic for stand-alone ADCs.


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