Thank you Rickta59 for the tip! Discuss this deal in the 43oh forum.

TI is having a promotional Code Composer Studio giveaway with the purchase of the G2 Launchpad for $9.99. It is a user download and the license type is node locked, which means that it can be run on a single registered machine.

Code Composer Studio(NL) normally retails for $495.00. The only other time CCS has been lower, when it was offered for free for attending an Arrow seminar, back in 2011.

CCS supports the following platforms:

Code Composer Studio license free with a G2 Launchpad

Code Composer Studio license free with a G2 Launchpad

To order your Launchpad + CCS bundle, go to this link and add it to your cart. There is not much info on how the license will be delivered. The best thing to do is to buy it now and contact TI support later, if your license does not come through. Do not miss this deal!

Let us below know if you made a purchase.


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