Micrium µC/OS RTOS Now Free for Makers

Micrium µC/OS RTOS Now Free for Makers

Micrium recently released their uC/OS for Makers to use for free. uC/OS supports a wide range of micro-controllers, including MSP430, MSP432, C28x, Hercules RM and Hercules TMS570 controllers from TI. The Maker version excludes the CAN module, Building Blocks and the... read more
MSP432 Fun with IoT Workshop

MSP432 Fun with IoT Workshop

  TI Software Engineer, Mark Easley,  walks a user through setting up and running the new MSP432 LaunchPad and Educational BoosterPack MKII. The user will also be exposed to the basics of adding internet connectivity to a design using Temboo, via the CC3100... read more

New MSP430-GCC Release – v4.0.1.0

A new version of MSP430-GCC is now available base on GCC-5.3.0. This was announced on the mspgcc mailing list. We are pleased to announce a new stand-alone & open source Production release (v4.0.1.0)  of MSP430 GCC available for download here. This MSP430-GCC... read more
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