A Rich Featured Low Cost Quadcopter Design For $200

Trey, a TI employee, as well as a 43oh member, is close to getting his low cost quadcopter BoosterPack ready. If you have not yet seen his previous quadrotor, based on the the C2000 Launchpad, it is pretty neat with the PCB itself acting as a frame and a port to plugin your Launchpad. This design helps save weight as well as fabrication costs. We met him at last year’s Maker Faire as well as this year at SxSw and he was very enthusiastic about the project.

120 LED Ring LED Clock Adds Cool Peripheral Touch Control

We broke the rules and added an animated gif to illustrate this cool feature on Greeeg’s 120 LED ring clock. In January of this year, we wrote about his clock – Chevron One Locked – LED Ring Clock Designed To Open Portals, which had five slave PCBs, attached together , but lacked a controller board.

Sharp Memory LCDs And The MSP430

Sharp Memory LCDs are relatively new to embedded community. However, it is making waves in the low power world because of the amount of power they consume – as low as 50uW depending on the size. Display sizes vary from 0.99 inches to 4.4 inches.

Connect Your Launchpad To The Web – A Walkthrough To Visualize Your Data

From the recent email received from TI announcing their new Connected LaunchPad line, I noticed the free partner service they offered to Exosite – a cloud platform focused on collecting and visualizing data from IoT devices. It is really cool for us hobbyists to have services of this kind, easy to configure yet providing such a sophisticated communication platform. How could I miss the opportunities to explore these exciting features!

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