Matlab Script Plots Real Time EZ430-RF2500 data

Kruckenberg created a “m” file to communicate with his EZ430-RF2500 kit. Once the drivers for the kit are installed, the RF2500 comes up as a serial port as “MSP430 Communication UART). The demo preloaded code on the remote unit constantly transmits temperature, voltage and signal strength. The following m script allows for an easy setup in Matlab.

EZ430-RF2500 Wireless Weather Station

Jeremy and Matthew took a break from the Arduino to create a weather station using the MSP43o as a part of their Cornell Embedded Systems course. They used an EZ430-RF2500 wireless demo kit for the station. A Processing application gaters data via the USB abd displays it on a PC.

Count Slot Car Lap Times with the Launchpad

VoJT4’s first foray into micro-controllers involved taking a Launchpad and hooking it up to count lap times for his slot car setup. The LCD is based off a HD44780 controller. The current version displays laps and lap times with a push-button to control the timer. This is also his entry into the June 2011 Project of the Month contest.

43oh – Over 71 MSP430 Launchpad Member Projects and Counting

We would like to dedicate this post to thank all our 43oh members for their project contributions, from complex DCO calibration libraries to simple LED charlieplexing, in addition to sharing their code snippets, all being shared on the Forums. We are almost 11 months old and have grown to 1100 members. Hop in for the big list.

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