Interfacing the ez430 Chronos with Labview

[E]lgeeko, a NI forum member created a VI to interface with the ez430-Chronos watch. The Chronos receiver creates a virtual serial com port on a PC. Using the NI VISA serial library, its very simple to create VIs to talk to the watch. Look inside for a list of projects that [E]lgeeko came up with.

Tutorial – Program your Launchpad in Assembly

[H]obbizine has a detailed tutorial on how to program the MSP430 in assembly. The tutorial is aimed towards beginners with a step by step explanation of the code. The code is based on the Launchpad – green led turns on when the pushbutton is pressed and red when not. This should give you a start in assembly – especially when writing interrupts. Link after the break.

MSP430 Interrupt Primer – Watchdog Example

[J]ustin gives a short primer on using interrupts on the MSP430 – what to declare and how to service an interrupt. He does this using the Watchdog as an interval timer. His explanation is not too long. Reading through it once shiuld give you a fair idea on how to code up an interrupt. Link inside.

10 Beginner MSP430 Tutorials and Counting.

[B]eretta, the blogger from has an amazing series for getting started on the MSP430. He starts right from the basics of his hardware setup to software, your first program, timers and then progresses to modules of the MSP. Each blog post comes bundled with source code and the occasional schematic. To make things easier for 430h readers, below is a list of his tutorial series.

See the list after the jump!

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