TI recently launched a cheap and easy to use development tool based on the MSP430 low power microcontroller. The Launchpad includes a development board, 2 programmable MSP430 micrcontrollers and a mini USB cable.

This is a very slick deal for beginners and hobbyists who wish to learn the chip. The Launchpad wiki is a good place to start. You can order kits by following the clicking the banner on the top of the wiki.You can also order from the TI-eStore or Mouser. Shipping is free from TI!

The following video shows TI demos a temperature sensor using the kit.

Update 1(July 02, 2010):
The Makers WorkBench posted details of a short Q&A with TI’s product marketing manager, Adrian Fernandez. He mentions that “Arduinio type shields” for the Launchpad are in the works and the $4.30 price is here to stay!

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