[S]impleAvr alerted us about his simple MSP430 based clock. The clock uses a MSP430G2231 controller which comes packaged with the LaunchPad. Since the 4 digit 7 Segment display needs a total of 32 lines for control and the controller has only 10 lines, he uses multiplexing to turn on required segments. Taking advantage of our persistence of vision or POV, the code cheats our eyes in seeing the full time. His code seems to do a lot behind the scenes. Taking cues from his application notes and features, the code can do the following:

  • A simple menu system.
  • Brightness adjustment
  • Push button gets you through current time, alarm on/off and sleep modes.
  • 12H or 24H display
  • An adjustment to make the clock go faster/slower by setting a gain value.
  • Flash saving of setting.
  • Low power Mode

Part list is minimal – One MSP4302231, One push button,  One 4 digit 7 segment display and an optional buzzer.

A schematic is available on his page. His code however will be released based on one condition – disassemble the .elf or .txt for a hidden easter egg. So all you hackers and reverse engineers out there – get going. His site does not allow comments, but his youtube page does. And as always you can leave a comment below.



This page will be updated as soon as someone crack that egg.

Update: Code released.(10/3/2010)