[K]enneth is busy testing the low power capability of the MSP430. He rigged his MSP430G2231 to 20F worth of super capacitors and an LCD screen to see how long the setup would survive. Its been almost three weeks and its still chugging.  The controller sleeps and wakes up 32 times a second to conserve power. The setup also benefits due to the usage of a raw LCD module which is also updated(biased) 32 times per second. Part count is minimal requiring 2 capacitors, one resistor, a 32Khz watch crystal and an LCD. His article also gives a run down on how raw LCDs work.

This was supposed to be a quick little experiment to see exactly how low power these controllers are, but it’s been running for more than three weeks already, and there’s still another 0.15V left on the capacitors down to the rated minimum voltage…

Code and schematics are available on his blog page.

Backup – Code, Schematic.