What’s a project without a display, you say? – Here are two simple techniques to interface your MSP430 to an LCD.

1. Using an I2C Expander

[C]de, from our forums, who was busy working on the I2C protocol for the MSP430 to port expander interface, managed to control a 2*16 LCD in 4-bit mode.

Specs from his project:

Allows you to control a HD44780 compatible LCD through a simple I2C Port Expander.
Tested on DV-16100-S1FBLY LCD (16×1 lcd, 2 Lines of 8 Characters at a time [Weaksauce, sure, but free. Will test a 40×4 lcd after RX works.])
Used with a TI PCF8574(A for alternative slave addresses) 8bit port expander. No special setup needed for this Port Expander. Others need you to
write a port address,   and possible setup as outputs.Created for a MSP430G2231. ~900 bytes of code, so can fit on smaller ones. Created on IAR Kickstart.

He also tool a neat little demo video. You can grab code from his forum thread.

2.Using  6 pins on an MSP430

[R]anjit wired 6 pins of his ez430 USB stick to an LCD – 4 for data and 2 for RS and Enable. All his code is available on his website. He advises to use LCDs that work at lower voltages as the MSP430 can output a max of 3.6V. You can find the interface logic in his code.

Backup: Code.