[T]hanhtran, a RC group member,  created a four rotor flying machine using the MSP430F2274. The eval board is part of the EZ430-RF2500 development kit. His quadrotor consists of  four props and two gyros – the LPY550AL( pitch and Yaw) and LPR550AL(pitch and roll)  for control. The roll, pitch and yaw are analog outputs which get sampled by the MSP430. You can also use the gyro board from Wii Motion Plus clones if mounting those tiny SMD gyros on a PCB intimidates you.

Commands for throttle, rudder,  roll and pitch are obtained are received through a RC receiver. The output of the RC receiver is a PWM of ~20Hz, whose widths get sampled by the MSP430 through Interrupts and a Timer. The frame is made up of three pieces of aluminium tubing to hold the electronics and the motors.  The whole thing weighs just 118g.

His code is updated in Google code. The schematic and build log details can be found at the RC groups forum.

[Update 11/19/2010]

[T]hanhtran let us know that he cut 1.5″ from each arm bringing the total wing-span to 7″. Way to go [T]hanh!