[G]atesphere is a tea connoisseur. When tea is made, it needs to be “steeped” properly – leave the leaves too long and it will be bitter, too short and you have very light tea. To do this, [G]atesphere came up with his simple tea steep timer. Three DIP switches when read, give a binary value which determines the amount of time the tea needs to be steeped.

P1.6P1.5P1.4Tea type (time)
000White Tea (2 minutes)
001Green Tea (3 minutes)
010Black/Oolong Tea (4 minutes)
011Herbal Tea/Infusions (5 minutes)
100Chai Tea (8 minutes)
101Rooibos Tea (6 minutes)
110Other1 (1 minute)
111Other2 (30 seconds)

Press the start button and the brewing starts. An LED blinks slowly during this procedure and flashes faster as the end time nears. Once done, a buzzer sounds(like an old fashioned tea kettle) to signal that your steaming hot cup of chai is ready.

This was [G]atesphere’s entry into the Project of the Month contest. Read more about it in this thread, along with code and schematics.