Moah pins…Mmmmm. [O]ldCowYellow, a member of the TI Community Forums posted a small code snippet on using the nRST/NMI pin as an Input. This was originally a request on the TI-Launchpad group.

The LaunchPad and many other demo/experimental boards all have a push-button switch connected to the nRST/NMI pin. Can this switch be used as input during execution of Application firmware?I made an attempt to do so and demonstrate it by turning on/off an LED controlled by P1.0 (another common feature of LaunchPand other demo/experimental boards).

Make sure you read the SpyByWire warning

Please note that because nRST/NMI pin is also the SBWTDIO pin. Thus you should not press this push-button while you are using SBW.

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