[P]aul from the TI Launchpad Google groups wrote in to tell us that the latest mspgcc compiler now uses TI’s include files. This makes it possible to use code from CCS/IAR examples in mspgcc without messing with header files.

I just downloaded/compiled/ran. It appears to work fine with both the
CCS examples and the mspgcc examples. Although with one mspgcc test
program, the .elf file went from 3436 bytes to 5415 bytes.  (That may
be a fluke, or something to do with me compiling 4.4.3 on an x86_64
machine and 4.4.5 on a x86 machine.)
At any rate, I’m happy to report that this means no mucking about
trying to ‘fix’ code to work with mspgcc!

Thanks for letting us know.