With alot of updates going around both in CCSv4 and the main TI wiki page, TI has managed to sneak in header files and links to their upcoming value line  chips.

[G]atesphere was the first to notice this as he was going through the CCSv4 update. With [N]atureTM’s and [O]cy’s help, he was able to snoop through the linker files that confirmed his suspicions about the flash sizes.[G]atesphere’s detective work shows that we might be seeing chips from four families of the MSP430 with a flash size of greater than 2Kb:-

MSP430G2402, MSP430G2412, MSP430G2432, MSP430G2452

[H]vontres and [J]uani_c also discovered new links on TI’s site concerning these 16Mhz  chips. These also come in 20pin DIP, so you can finally get that extra I/O and fill up those empty slots on your Launchpad. Good sleuth work people.