We last reported about  [K]enneth’s low power experiment back in September 2010. He rigged his MSP430G2231 to 20F worth of super capacitors and an LCD screen to see how long the setup would survive.

According to his updates, it ran for a total of 10 weeks which is way impressive.  All he could say was ” Still freakin running… ” . His low power calculations can be viewed on his Blog. Keep harvesting [K]enneth.

UPDATE (9/29/2010): This thing is still running… I’ll update when it finally dies…

UPDATE (10/11/2010): It’s still running.  Caps are down to 1.73V, which is below the msp’s rated voltage, but it keeps spitting out numbers.  I don’t know if I’m more surprised that the processor is still running, or the LCD.

UPDATE (11/2/2010): Still freakin running.  Caps are down to below 1.7V, hardly above the bias voltage on the LCDs, so you can hardly see the digits and they take half a second to really resolve.  Conclusion is that with a tiny solar panel, this thing could run indefinitely.  I’m going to have to be careful on power budget as for anything else I add, since a single digit display by itself isn’t entirely useful.  There is a lot of potential for this controller.  I’m packing it in to free up the breadboard now.  Happy hacking.