We would like to dedicate this post to  thank all our 43oh members for their project contributions, from complex DCO calibration libraries to simple LED charlieplexing, in addition to sharing their code snippets, all being shared on the Forums. We are almost 11 months old and have grown to 1100 members. Following is a list of completed projects with schematics and code. Once again, thank you all.

  1. LaunchPad HD44780 LCD USB PC interface
  2. Consumer IR (CIR) capture
  3. RGB color matching game – MSP430G2231 + Launchpad + ADC ( now with sound!)
  4. MSP430G2xxx Tea Timer
  5. Motion Detection Wildlife Camera
  6. Killing Zombies with the Launchpad
  7. Strobr: High speed photography controller
  8. Launchpad rfm12b rf spectrum analyzer
  9. Parallax PIR sensor and LaunchPad
  10. Maxbotix Ultrasonic Rangefinder Interface to the Launchpad
  11. Rocket Data Logging to Flash
  12. Yet Another Launchpad IR Receiver
  13. RGB LED Lamp
  14. Remote volume control
  15. Using 4 wires to control parallel LCD display
  16. POV with G2211 and little else
  17. Controlling Roomba Robot with LaunchPad
  18. 8×8 LED Matrix with the MSP430
  19. Scrolling text on a Dot matrix display
  20. LaunchPad, DC Motor, PWM
  21. DC PWM motor control
  22. MIDI Light controller
  23. Houston Robot Project (In progress)
  24. Electricity monitor (In progress)
  25. MIDI Monitor
  26. 8X8 Dot matrix display test ASCII Characters
  27. High Voltage Measurement(In progress)
  28. Using 3 wires to control parallel LCD display
  29. LCD-I2C For HD44780 LCDs and PCF8574 Expanders
  30. Coffee maker (safety) timer
  31. RTC routine and display timer
  32. Little 5×7 LED matrix project
  33. Launchpad TV output
  34. LaunchPad as Iambic Keyer
  35. 6 digit display temperature demo
  36. Atlas project (In progress)
  37. MSP430BT5190 (devboard development)
  38. MSP430 RRoD Belt Buckle
  39. Launchpad Simple MIDI Synth
  40. Fish pump aerator
  41. Temperature demo, using 2 digit LED display Common Cathode Knight Rider effect – 74HC595 project
  42. Serial to 7 Segment LED
  43. I2C Explorer
  44. Serial w/ 8×8 led matrix
  45. Custom 8×8 led matrix
  46. 16 segment bi-color LED displays
  47. Breathing Led (Part Deux)
  48. Nokia 3310 LCD and MSP430G2231
  49. LaunchPad, ADC, and LCD
  50. GoPro Camera Controller
  51. Network Isolator
  52. Launchpad e-paper clock with Motorola F3 display
  53. LaunchPad IR Receiver
  54. Communicating with LaunchPad using Java
  55. Launchpad Morse Coder (Manual and Serial-Linked)
  56. LaunchPad as Sony IR Remote
  57. Another DS1821+ project
  58. MSP430 LaunchPad, 74HC595, Four 7 Segment Displays
  59. LaunchPad and fun with the flash (strobe & slave trigger)
  60. MSP430 and Nokia 6100 LCD
  61. MSP430G2221 jar-of-fireflies
  62. (Dual) Monitor auto windows desktop rotation
  63. LaunchPad controlling up to 8 RC Servos
  64. LaunchScope
  65. Digital LED Clock
  66. LaunchPad, 74HC165, Switches
  67. Ezprobe, ez430 based logic probe
  68. Interfacing Launchpad to Digital Caliper
  69. Launchpad+Accelerometer+Processing=Snake game!!!
  70. MSP430 LaunchPad, 74HC595, 16 LEDs
  71. Yet an other SNES wireless controller (In progress)