Gwdeveloper snagged one of the experimenter kits in today’s TIDeals page.  Before this, he managed to establish communication between a ez430-RF2500 and the  MSP-EXP430F5529 board with a ez430-RF2500 target board.  He shares two of his examples in this E2E thread.

I just wanted to share this BSP I was able to put together for the MSP-EXP430F5529. It allows use of the ez430-RF2500t on board. The files were mostly reworked using the original files for the CC430 and the ez430-rf2500. It allows the full TI User Experience Board Support for the msp-exp430f5529 to be used in conjuction with the SimpliciTI bsp. All other on board hardware is working as well. I do think this can be further optimized as far as the clock speed and PMM are concerned.

Backup: Thread text, Code

GwDeveloper is an Irrigation System Designer. He is in the process of automating his Greenhouse and maintains a blog about his farm here.