Rob, from the Forums, released his Soundpad Booster Pack for the Launchpad. It uses Microchip’s MCP4822 for a DAC. You can read more about it below. Remember to visit the Booster Pack sub-forum for more exciting packs to piggy back your Launchpad with.

SoundPad is an audio Booster Pack for the LaunchPad. It has a dual channel 12bit DAC (stereo audio output) and an opto-coupler (MIDI input.) Initially it was suppose to be DAC only, but there was a lot of room left on the board and I figured that some of the uses will require MIDI. I wanted to use one of TI’s DACs, but finally decided to use Microchip’s MCP4822 (if anyone has suggestions about that, I will appreciate them.) DAC’s outputs can be accessed directly or through decoupling capacitor/low pass filter.

It’s not exactly a synth yet, only one voice, no ADSR, no velocity, since wave only (using oPossum’s routine,) but it’s a step forward. My goal is to make it sound as fat as possible, a nice lead synth.