If you code with the MSP430, especially the Value Line Series, it is probable that you may run into a space constraint for a larger project. If you use printf() to debug your code, it will be worse. Opossum released his 640byte printf() function for use with the Launchpad.

This is a tiny printf() function that can be used with the chips that come with the Launchpad. Code size is about 640 bytes with CCS.

There are 7 format specifiers:
%c – Character
%s – String
%i – signed Integer (16 bit)
%u – Unsigned integer (16 bit)
%l – signed Long (32 bit)
%n – uNsigned loNg (32 bit)
%x – heXadecimal (16 bit)

Field width, floating point and other standard printf() features are not supported.

There is another version, which supports more printf() functions like variable width. E2E link discussed here.