Lets have a little fun this time around. Too many contests to take part in that your brain hurts? Is your Launchpad lying in a corner of your room or in a box long forgotten? Get it out and do something with it, even if it means taking a picture. Take a pic. of your Launchpad or MSP430 kit/homebrew MSP430 PCB  in any scene – be it your messy workdesk, lab or home by the river. The most impressive one will get a Cap Touch Booster pack. That’s right – no wiring or coding.

You can submit your pic in one easy step. See the comments sections below? Click Choose File, select your file(<1Mb) and you should be good. Be sure to add a description. The Winner will be judged on 9th Nov, 2011 – a week from today.

The TI Launchpad gets a photo opportunity at Mount RushmoreTI University Program visited FIE (Frontiers in Education) Conference in Oct 2011. The location this year was near Mount Rushmore in South Dakota. They showed the latest teaching tools for EE, CS, ME, CpE educators in MCU, DSP and Analog

More of the album here.