The Project of the Month contest is back! This time we are clubbing two months November and December so that you have enough time to get your projects ready. Hope the winter holidays give you enough time to complete whatever your dreamed about making. We also have exciting prizes donated by our sponsor All-Spec and our members. The 43oh community forum has been growing both with good discussions and members. The project section of the forum as well as the Blog has a lot of project ideas you can base your submission on. Feel free to ask questions about the project on the forum.

Previous Contests

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Winner : SugarAddict has graciously donated a X-Tronic 2 in 1 Digital Hot Air Rework Soldering Iron Station.
Runner ups:

All-Spec has been kind enough to donate a PanaVise 201 mini vise kit with vise head and base. Be sure to give them a visit.
One Assembled Serial LCD Backpack donated by Rob. This is an assembled PCB. An LCD costs around $3.50 on ebay. Rob makes awesome little Booster Packs and other stuff for the MSP430, aptly named “430Things”
The Terminal – 128×64 OLED Booster Pack by 43oh
Paladin PA1118 GripP 20 Wire Cutter/Stripper by our sponsor All-Spec.
A “BOARD” prize (idea by Robg), where you get to choose any one of the following boards
595 Expander PCB
Three Wire LCD Breakout
One Soundpad PCB
2xLS Research Proflex01 Zigbee radios donated by oPossum.

Members who have donated can also participate. It will be unfortunate not to have them. Thanks to All-Spec and Saleig for being our Sponsors for the next three months and members who have donated too. If you wish to sponsor the POTM, send us a note.

To submit your entry, make an entry into this thread with the following:

1 – A small description of your project.
2 – A picture or video of your setup
3 – Code.
4 – Schematic(rough/hand drawn is fine as long its legible)

Judging the winner :

A week before the contest ends, a poll will be created with all the project entries. Only members of the forum will be allowed to vote.
The contest will roll over to the next month if there are fewer than 10 projects(ten or less).

A few simple rules to follow:

– You must be a member of the 43oh forum at least a week before your submission.
– One entry from each member will be permitted.
– Your project can be anything based around the MSP430. You may interface the MSP430 to another controller.
– You may reuse code from anywhere as long as you give credit to the original author.
– You must submit code and schematics of your project with a proper description.
– If a project was created before this months contest announcement, you can still submit it.
– Projects that have been submitted to previous contests are not allowed, sorry.
– You must have at least 10 posts in the  forums, for your entry to be considered when the voting begins.

– A member is free to modify his/her code to perfection, till the closing date, as long as the original entry is not changed.
For eg: If a member submits “Launchpad controlled Space Shuttle”, he/she can modify code, schematics and hardware and improve upon it till the closing date. But a change in project to “Launchpad controlled Robot” will not be allowed. Hopefully this will encourage members to post their projects early and not play the waiting game.