We missed announcing this last week since we were at the Maker Faire. Version 5.2 of CCS is now available. Alot of MSP430 bugs have been fixed, including GRACE bugs. A detailed change log is available here.  Download it from the TI-wiki.

MSP430 Related Fixes:

  • Support on Windows and Linux, including SYS/BIOS, ELF, ULP Advisor, and Flash differential download
  • Now fully supports MSP430G2210
  • Fuse blow for MSP430F1xx, F2xx and F4xx functional
  • Fixed missing device support (479x, 478x, BT5190, new revisions of 1122, 1132)
  • Writing to BSL failed if device was reset after erase (or MSP430_EraseCheck was called)
  • Fixed a bug when writing to FRAM devices with enabled MPU (FR57xx)
  • Fixed a bug that caused erasing and writing to Flash to fail on MSP430F413
  • Port handling changed to work around a problem where a port could not be reopened after closing
  • Added fix for a bug that could cause RAM corruption when reading CPU registers on 5xx/6xx devices
  • UIF now starts up supplying 3V to target

 Known Limitations:

  • On devices with FLL, clock control does not allow to keep clocks running while the device is halted if the clock is sourced from the FLL