This is a continuation of the previous Maker Faire post. This time around there were alot of 3D printers. All the big name DIY/tinkerer people were present – Lady Ada, Ian, Sparkfun, Mighty Ohm, Mace Tech, Ponoko and many more. Almost everything was meant to be touched and played with. Enjoy the pictures.

Sparkfun. They had loads of stickers to give away.

DFRobot. They have sweet robot chassis designs.

Adafruit(Lady Ada)

(Above) Beagleboard.

MPy – Python for the MSP430 Launchpad. We now have the MPy user forum at 43oh.

(Above) Dangerous Prototypes. Ian is on the right. They were showing their new case design idea and ATX power supply breakout.

Maker Bot.


Ponoko –  3D printing and laser cutting.

Shapeways – 3D printing marketplace.

Cubify –  3D printer. Yes, that is the Nissan Cube.

Microsoft Robotics –  They had 4-5 robots running around.

MaceTech Lounge.

Line Following Robot at the Microchip booth.

Club Jameco allows you to buy and sell kits.




The Maker Truck.

Sparkfun. Yes.. those are all stickers.