These BoosterPacks are designed by Lars, a member of the 43oh Forum. You can see his entire build thread at this link. This is a limited run of the boards priced low to gauge interest.

The Button BoosterPack fits on top of the Launchpad, with a small, low current 96×65 LCD screen and place for 4 tactile buttons and room for an MSP430 microcontroller. The Touch BoosterPack has four cap touch buttons to detect touch. This pack is a good component if you want to show text and graphics as part of your project. It can be run while connected to a Launchpad or standalone by soldering on an MSP430 in the space provided. The board also has space for connecting a regulator and 2 servo connectors. The display is an SPI-based Powertip PE9665WRF with the ST7579 controller, drawing approximately 0.2mA current. The display has backlight, but this is not connected by default. To turn on the backlight, you need to solder on a resistor to the board according to the instructions.

There are open source code examples for both IAR and CCS.