Ever wanted to visualize all the data you collect via your Launchpad or rather any embedded project. You obviously do not want to go through all the hoops of creating your own GUI. Here are two great real time visualization programs(free, yeayy!) which can read data from your serial port.( via Dangerous Prototypes )

1. SerialChart

SerialChart is an open source application for charting data sent via RS-232 port in real time. As long as your income data is in a csv format, you should be ok.

2. KST

KST is really loaded with a lot of visualization plugins including color mapping, multiple tabs and monitoring. It is open source and based on KDE. It is distributed with a windows binary too. You set KST by telling your terminal program to continuously store data to a txt file and let KST know where this file is. You then have real time monitoring.

Igor from the Arduino forums has a nice writeup on how to configure this by a video below. Thanks Igor!