A guest post by our very own Energia Contributor – Rei Vilo:

There are many new very interesting libraries for Energia this week!

  • Two libraries for SD-cardPetit FatFS by calinp with a low memory foot-print, for LaunchPad and StellarPad
  • …and FatFS also by calinp for uSD and uSDHC (2GB and 8GB), for StellarPad
  • A library for EtherCard (enc28j60) by reaper7 with 3 examples, for StellarPad 
  • A library for the popular Nordic nRF24L01+ by spirilis with an example, a link to the GitHub repository and instructions on how to connect the module, for LaunchPad
  • A library for Rob’s nice 2.2″ Color LCD Booster Pack with Touch by Rei for LaunchPad and StellarPad
  • A port of the MatrixMath library with an application for an accelerometer calibration, by Rei for LaunchPad and StellarPad

For all the libraries involving SPI, be sure to update the SPI patch for the MSP430G2553. Also, keep an close eye on the RAM usage, as the MSP430G2553 features 512 bytes only!

Have you developed a library? Share it on the forums! Read the instructions for LaunchPad and StellarPad.