A week back, cde, from the 43oh Forums indicated that a new G series MSP430 Value line micro-controller was added to the TI site – namely the MSP430G2955, with 56Kb Flash and 4Kb RAM. This is huge compared to the 16Kb Flash and 512Bytes of the MSP430G2553 – the top of the line Value Series. A few hours letter, the page was taken down. However, John La Rooy was able to confirm it via google webcache.


Yesterday Rocket4Kids noticed new pages up, this time for two new controllers – the MSP430G2855 and MSP430G2755 with 48/32Kb Flash and 4/4Kb RAM, definitely lower than the elusive MSP430G2955, but satisfactorily higher than the MSP430G2553.

TI definitely has something in store. The packages do not seem to be DIP, due to the higher pin count. Could this mean the next generation of the MSP430 Launchpad is in the works?

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