Cubeberg sent a 4-Relay BoosterPack over to 43oh for a giveaway. This board is  for DC use only such as high current motors or a fireworks ignitor.

Entering into the Giveaway is simple:

1. You have to be a member* of the 43oh forums to enter the Giveaway. You may one click register using your Gmail ID, or register the usual way at the registration page.

2. Go to the Giveaway link,  click the “I want to Participate” button, add a comment and your golden. Your comment can be as simple as “I’m in”.

*Being a member of the 43oh forum allows us to easily register members for a Giveaway and also automates the selection of the winner. You also get the added bonus of being a member of a like minded and  well behaved community.

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