educational_boosterpack_esr_meter_msp430 educational_boosterpack_esr_meter_msp430_2

SimpleAvr is know for his simplistic projects using a breadboard. His projects include the 3p4w-clock and the ezprobe. His recent projects have been making use of the Educational BoosterPack. His current project is an experimental LC + ESR Meter. The main peripheral used on the Educational BoosterPack is the LCD. He added a few more external components for signal conditioning.


  •     Measures capacitance (< 1nF) and inductance using LC tank frequency measuring method.
  •     Measures capacitance (> 1nF) with time-to-charge method.
  •     Measures (or rather attempts to measure) capacitor ESR values by pulse injecting currents through capacitors.
  •     Bare minimal component count, experimental hookup.

You can comment below or follow this 43oh build thread for more details.