The Project of the Month contest is back! We are clubbing two months November and December so that you have enough time to get your projects ready. Hope the winter holidays give you enough time to complete whatever your dreamed about making. We also have exciting prizes donated by our sponsors Panavise, Saleae, Saelig, Total Phase, CircuitCo, Pervasive Displays, DLP Design, Robot Shop, Elecrow and  our members. The 43oh community forum has been growing . The project section of the forum as well as the Blog has a lot of project ideas you can base your submission on. Feel free to ask questions about the project on the forum.



(1) Logic 8 Analyzer--------------------------------------------------------Saleae
(1) Mastech MS8211N 2000 Count Handheld Digital Multimeter---------Saelig
(1) PanaVise Mount Package----------------------------------------------Panavise
(1) 2" Pervasive Displays EPD - Kit-----------------------------------------Pervasive Displays
(1) DLP-7970ABP NFC/RFID Reader BoosterPack-----------------------DLP Design
(1) Circuit Co Wifly BoosterPack------------------------------------------CircuitCo
(1) $20 gift card Sparkfun/Amazon/Adafruit ----------------------------Abecederian
(1) Your choice of Design, Laser Cut by 43oh Member Fred--------------Fred
(3) Li-Ion 3.7v 1150mAh batteries------------------------------------------Legailutin
(2) Stellaris Launchpad Kits.-----------------------------------------------Bluehash


Submitting your entry

To submit your entry, make an entry into this thread with the following:
1 - A small description of your project.
2 - A picture or video of your setup
3 - Code.
4 - Schematic and board files.
5 - You will also need to make a copy of the entry under the Projects section. This will enable members to ask you questions and comment on your project.


A day after the contest ends, a poll will be created with all the project entries. Only members of the forum will be allowed to vote. Voting will run for a week.
Prize Distribution
1. Winners can choose their prize from the pool in the order they win it.
2. If there is a tie between multiple winners, the entry than made the earliest in this project thread will have priority in choosing a prize.

Last Date for entries

31st Dec, 2013

Simple Rules

- You must be a member of the 43oh forum at least a week before your submission.
- One entry from each member will be permitted.
- Your design has to be open source. if you can, select a license from here or here. 43oh will not claim any ownership.
- Your project can be anything based around the MSP430. You may interface the MSP430 to another controller. But try to keep it as the main controller.
- You may reuse code from anywhere as long as you give credit to the original author.
- You must submit code and schematics of your project with a proper description.
- You can submit your MSP430 project, if it was created before the annoucement of the contest.
- You must have at least 5 posts in the forums, for your entry to be considered when the voting begins.
- Previous entries in other 43oh contests will not be permitted.