This is wayback from April of last year. Peter Kim from the Hardwhack blog explains he needed to program two of his newly soldered Bus Pirate PCBs. He came across code that Jozef from Dangerous Prototypes has created, to program a Microchip PIC using an AVR. Since he did not have an AVR lying around, he decided to port the AVR program to the MSP430 Launchpad as a challenge.

I do have a MSP430 Launchpad and I figured I could have the MSP430 emulate the AVR. I modified the firmware code to run on a MSP430G2553. I picked this part because it has a built in UART. You can probably modify the code to run on MSP430s with software UART but I am not going there

After getting the bootloader in using ApProg and Firmware via Ds30, he was golden. MSP430 code can be downloaded from his github page.