43oh_chris_christmas_pcbWinter is in full force. We love everything about it - the holidays, lights, cheer - but hate the extreme cold and shoveling. Yes, Florida and the southern hemisphere - we know you guys have nice toasty weather. If you have been following Cubeberg( creator of the IV-18 VFD Tube Clock BoosterPack Kit ), he has completed setting up his Christmas Tree PCB. He made it so that his kids could solder them up easily and hang them up on a tree.

This tree is bling! - with flashy lights, cap touch buttons and a piezo speaker to rock your tunes. Code is open source and will be made available in Cubeberg's build thread. Contest ends 20th December, 2013 at 12:00 PM EST. If you are in the US, we'll make sure you receive it before the 25th.

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