fifa_chronos_watch The Fifa World Cup is on with Brazil beating Croatia 3 to 1. A few readers let us know that TI’s Chronos watches might be in use during the game. You can see them on the Refree’s wrist, indicating a “Goal”, as part of a technology known as GoalControl-4D. The watches look just like the Chronos watches with the TI logo branding removed from them. Note the pictures below. The left side shows a regular Chronos watch and the right side show the one use in the GoalControl-4D technology.



goalcontrol-4d-hero_TI_Chronos Ti_chronos

The GoalControl-4D system works with 14 high-speed cameras (7 per goal) around the pitch at the stadium roof/catwalk. The cameras are connected to a powerful image processing computer system which tracks the movement of all objects on the pitch and filters out the players, referees and all disturbing objects. The remaining object is the ball and the system knows its three dimensional x-, y- and z-position with a precision of a few millimeters in the coordinate system of the pitch. When the ball passes the goal line, the system sends a vibration- and optical signal to the officals´watches. Of course, all camera images of such goal event, and also of all near-goal events, are stored and can be replayed anytime. The below video gives an overview of the system.

The following video shows the watch registering a goal in more detail. This is certainly a very fascinating use-case for the Chronos. What do you think?