code composer studio energia import debug

Code Composer Studio or CCS was recently upgraded to version 6. It brings with it many features, one of which is a huge godsend to Energia users – importing an Energia sketch and then debugging it. This was not possible before with the Energia IDE.

TI’s Adrian Fernandes, has written a post on the website which links to a tutorial he made on importing Energia sketches into CCS version 6. This enables a true & seam-less migration path between Energia & Code Composer Studio, allowing developers to leverage the complete suite of features in CCS with Energia sketches.

Go beyond Serial.print() with new Energia sketch import feature in Code Composer Studio v6 In Code Composer Studio v6 or newer (CCSv6+), developers have the ability to import existing Energia sketches into the IDE. This opens up additional functionality and true hardware debug capability such as setting breakpoints, watching variables & stepping through code line-by-line. The CCS debugger also enables developers to “step-into” an Energia API to see the under-lying bare metal code that is ultimately programmed into the microcontroller device. This added functionality enables a non-intrusive debug environment that takes developers to the next level beyond Serial.println().


Would this feature help you out and make a difference in your debug cycle? Let us know in the comments below. If you are a 43oh member, you can discuss it Adrian’s Enabling true debugging on a sketch thread.