msp-ts430pz100 msp-fet

Contest time! Five winners get a MSP-TS430PZ100($89) target board along with an MSP-FET($115). Five!

This contest is in partnership with Texas Instruments.  They are looking for ideas and applications that could make use of their Extended Scan Interface(pg 744) or ESI. One of the biggest markets of the MSP430 is flow metering which is where this module is widely used.

How to enter:

 1. Come up with an application using the MSP430FR6989 chip ESI.

2. Write it down in this 43oh thread.

3. If you win, you implement your idea with your kit and get featured on TI’s MSP430 Blog.


1. You have to have at-least 5 reputation points in the 43oh forum. If not, register today and we’ll help you out if you have an idea.

2. Keep a small project log in the Projects section. This is so that it can be published later on TI’s Blog.


  • Contest begins August 15th, 2014.
  • Contest ends August 30th, 2014.
  • Winners will be announced first week of September.