Nate Zimmer, a.k.a Username on the 43oh forums, has released version 2 of his Launchpad GUI, which enables a user to exercise almost every function of the MSP430 Launchpad. These include toggling digital I/O pins, reading analog values, exercising the PWM and SPI modules. Username is also the creator of the very popular Reflow Oven Boosterpack project.

The beauty of this program is the underlying driver set as well as the serial parser. He provides a C# GUI as a frontend to the parser. The video below give a very good overview of the program.

If you are new to the Launchpad, this is a good way to learn more about it. MSP430 firmware code and the GUI can be downloaded from his github page.


Nate has plans to implement the following features:

  • Implement DCO Calibration for better CLK accuracy
  • Implement I2C
  • Implement Graphing/Logging
  • Implement more flexible SPI chip select features

We are especially looking forward to the graphing feature. You can review version 1 of his software here. He is also looking for feedback and suggestions in his 43oh build thread. If you have any, let him know them n the comments below or in his build thread.