What is it?

The IoT has been in the news almost everyday in almost every technology news site. If you have been waiting to get onto the IoT bandwagon, this is the perfect opportunity. Temboo is a service that allows you to connect your embedded system to the world, in a less cluttered way. Get access to weather, send SMSs, emails and services such as Wolfram Alpha, USPS and Xively. There are a ton of other services that can be found in its library.

The code you use with Temboo is consistently structured and can be generated live on the website for copying and pasting into an IDE – making it easy and intuitive to test and use all of our smart processes, called Choreos (short for choreographies). Whenever your code containing Choreos is run, it calls up the Temboo platform, where the longer, more complicated code behind every Choreo is executed.


Energia Integration

Energia’s new release brings with it new Temboo libraries for TI LaunchPads. The connected LaunchPads programmed in Energia can now connect to any of the 100 APIs, databases, and more that Temboo supports with just a few lines of code. Temboo’s virtualized code allows MCUs to trigger complex processes that run in the cloud, making it easy to program LaunchPads to interact with all sorts of web resources.



The service does not leave you to fend for yourself. In addition to a popular development kit, it also lists examples and tutorials for the Launchpad crowd. Temboo works seamlessly with the CC3200-LAUNCHXL WiFi Launchpad. At $29.99, it is the perfect kit to start developing IoT applications.

You can read more about the integration on Temboo’s blog, as well as TI’s Launch Your Design post.

Registration is free and it costs nothing to send/query 1000 calls @ 512 MB data. How would you use this service? Share them in the comments below. You can also join and ask direct questions to the Temboo makers in this 43oh forum thread.